Managing Digital Learning: A Free Schedule Template Plus Log and Token Boards

Managing Digital Learning: A Free Schedule Template Plus Log and Token Boards

First of all, below is a FREE SCHEDULE template that you can use to send to your students and their families.  Within each cell, you can add directions and/or links to resources.  

The cells expand as you type, and you can change the font size in each cell.  The video further down about how to use the Family Contacts log will show you the skills you need to work in this Google Doc.

 You will be prompted to make your own copy.  Each week, you should create a new copy by choosing FILE and sliding to MAKE A COPY, and name it with the current week’s date.  

Then, re-share with students.  That way, you will have a record of each week.

Would you like to keep track of your contacts with families during this challenging time?  

Here is a Google Doc with a simple table that can also be used collaboratively with any specialists who are interacting with your students.

Here is a video to show you how to use tables in Google docs:

Do your students need motivation as they complete their games and assignments?  Here are 3 items that you might use to help them stay on track: 
The one above has room for multiple subjects, and 4 of the subjects have EDITABLE titles.

The one above is for single subjects, and has 3 with EDITABLE subject names.
The one above is a token board where students can choose what they are working for, and then keep progress of the tasks they have completed to earn it.  There are 12 pictures to choose from, but you can remove any you don’t want and insert your own images.

I hope you are doing well, and I know your students and their families truly appreciate all of you hard work during this challenging time.

If there’s anything you need that you can’t find, please send me an email at, and I will try to create it for you.  I will send it to you FREE of charge in a email for your feedback on it.  

Take care, and be healthy…


P.S.  Check out my other Distance Learning items in this custom folder: 

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