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Make the End of the Year Enjoyable!

Happy Kids leaving school at end of year

As the end of the year draws to an end, it’s a mix of feelings for most students.  Although they will miss school, most students are looking forward to Summer.

For them, Summer means lots more time with their families.  It means going on family vacations and having fun!   They know that they will continue to see their friends during the summer because someone will arrange those play dates for them.

However, for some of our students, school is the safest place they know.  Those students are uncertain about what summer will bring… Who will be taking care of them?  Where will they go?  Will they see their school friends?   

Some students’ behaviors will regress at the end of the school year as they deal with these feelings of uncertainty. We need to be extra careful to pay attention to these students and to make the end of the year an enjoyable experience.

First, here are some ideas from my Pinterest Board for June…

Have an End of the Year Sing Along!

End of the Year Sing Along Poems

❤️ Students enjoy singing!

✅ Have a sing-along with these original End of the Year Songs that are sung to familiar children’s tunes!

Choose from color versions or blackline versions for students to color.

Editable End of the Year Student Awards…

All text is editable… you can even change the font or font color and drag text boxes around! Use year after year!

  • You might consider recognizing something special about each of your students with my 8 fully editable customizable awards in color and blackline!  Although I have given 7 of the awards suggested titlesALL TEXT INCLUDING TITLE IS EDITABLE ❤️  for your needs!
  • Good Friend Award
  • Best Smile Award
  • Good Reader Award
  • Mathematician Award
  • Thinking Award
  • Writing Award
  • Good Helper Award
End of the Year Awards

Easy Memory Book Template

Memory Book Template

Each student will have a copy of the memory book, and it will contain all of his/her classmates’ entries!  What a great way to help students reflect on their school year as they remember their favorite things!

 ❤️ This simple template includes one page and a cover, as well as 2 optional Autograph Pages to add to the book.

Easy End of the Year Poem Template

Students can summarize their school memories with an original poem using this foolproof graphic organizer for a non-rhyming poem that’s sure to please.   I have used it for many, many years, and it’s always a big hit!

Student illustrations give it a special touch. They make a wonderful end of year display!

You might even choose to put them together as a class book of poems…

End of the Year Poem Template

End of the Year Mini Books in 3 Reading Levels with Illustrated Word Wall

End of the Year Mini Books

These mini books in 3 reading levels are another way for students to reflect on their school year.

You can choose between color and blackline versions.  There are also 2 templates for students to create their OWN VERSIONS of the mini book as they think about their memories of the school year.

Illustrated Word Wall Cards are included for a pocket chart or word wall.

Field Day Mini Books in 3 Reading Levels with an Illustrated Word Wall…

Students can begin using this resource before Field Day to learn about what they can expect.  It can also be used after Field Day to fill the time before dismissal with something fun! There are 3 different reading levels in these 8-page booklets that are easy to assemble.

You will also have a choice color or blackline illustrations, as well as versions for students to illustrate their own to show comprehension.

There are illustrated vocabulary cards for a word wall or pocket chart, too!

K1 Field Day Mini Book

Flash FREEBIE!! EDITABLE Summer Bingo!

Teach or practice letters, numbers, phonics, sight words, spelling words, math facts, etc. as the year winds down. OR send home family-sized sets of the blackline versions as summer review using these 3 Differentiated Sizes: 9, 16, & 25 Items.

There are 180 Cards in All! Color & Blackline

Each card in a set is unique in item placement and has its own unique Summer clip art!

Editable Summer Bingo

Are you looking for resources to make your End of the Year Classroom Management easier?

End of the Year Volunteer Poems!

Volunteer Poems

Thank your volunteers with your choice of these 2 original poems in color and backline.  Although I have added illustrations, I also have included  versions WITHOUT illustrations so that students can autograph the poems AND/OR create their own illustrations.  You might even consider laminating them for a special keepsake.  You might also consider having students recite the poems for the volunteers, either chorally or in sections with a few students reading each section.

Editable Thank You Notes

These summer-themed editable notes are now in color and blackline and can be used as thank you notes or as end of the year notes.  You can also do a combination:  Write thank you notes to some students and a special end of the year note to other students regardless of a gift.  You can complete these during your planning period or send them during the summer.  Students LOVE to get mail! I always make sure that each child receives a note from me.

Editable Thank You Notes


K1 End of Year Bundle

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