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Meet Linda Post, Author of The Teacher's Post 1

Meet Linda Post, Author of The Teacher's Post

Hi, I am Linda Post, and I absolutely LOVE creating learning activities for kids, especially kindergarten and first grade students! I also enjoy making teachers' lives easier by creating classroom management materials. I LOVE requests from teachers too…. sooooo, if you'd like me to create something for you, just send me an email at After creating the resource, I will email it to you free of charge as a thank you for testing it for me!

My Teaching Journey

I began by creating printable activities mostly for phonics and the Dolch sight word list. However, I have learned how to make EDITABLE AUTO-FILL sight word activities and other types of learning games that can even be used for letters and math facts! Now, you just need to type your words, letters, or math facts ONCE, and all of the activities and games in the file will auto fill for you and be ready to print! So far, I have several items for summer, back to school, and fall. I am currently working on Halloween and Thanksgiving editable activities.

Linda Post Teaching
Halloween in Linda's Classroom

We are a teaching family

My 2 daughters and I are all teachers, so we share LOTS of ideas! Most of my best sellers have been suggestions from them. One teaches special needs integrated public preschool, and the other teaches first grade.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

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