Using Boom Cards with Seesaw

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What are Boom Cards?
They are digital, interactive, self-checking task cards… paperless and no prep!
Projectors, Computers, iPads, Tablets, SmartPhones, and more!
Present, Review, Practice, or Assess…
Here’s how to use with Seesaw!


Here is my referral link for Boom Learning: I would appreciate it if you used my link to investigate Boom Learning.
Below is an introductory overview video created by the Boom Learning team. 
Just click the center to view the video.
Here are a few previews of some 
Boom Cards decks to give you an idea of what they are all about.  The previews play the first 4 cards of each deck:
Here is a free deck from my store: 
FAST PLAY on Boom Learning is always FREE!  You can go to your library of decks and click on ACTION and slide to FAST PIN.  You can then send the fast pin LINK to your students, and they can play for 2 weeks!  There are also many FREE decks by various creators.  Most decks are randomized, so cards are presented in a different order each time a deck is played.  Some decks have answers that scramble as well.
Because schools are closed, Boom Learning is now giving teachers an Ultimate Level Subscription FREE until June 30.  With this membership, you can enter your students’ names, assign decks of cards on particular skills, and track their progress!  I also have decks meant to be used for assessment purposes for letter recognition, number recognition, sight words, etc. 
Here is an excellent video created by a TpT’er on how to set up your class on Boom Learning:
Here is a video from the Boom Learning team on setting up a “classroom” on Boom Learning if you’d like to track students’ progress.  Just click in the center of the image below.
I have created many, many decks of Boom Cards for both Literacy and Math that are geared to Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade.  Many of them have sound buttons, so they are perfect for non-readers.  Some decks work using a simple click or touch.  Some decks ask students to click/touch and drag answers.  You can check them out, along with my Google Slides resources and my Interactive PowerPoint GAMES by clicking below.
If you have any requests, please email me at  Once created, I will send it to you free of charge as a thank you for your suggestion and for testing it for me!

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