Engaging Editable Sight Word Games for First Grade and Kindergarten Practice and 5 Reasons to Use Them

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EDITABLE ACTIVITIES For Primary AUTO FILL from ANY LIST:   Letters, Sight Words, cvc Words, Phonemes, Math Items & More!  Differentiate!

Pictures of editable games and clip art of children playing the games.

Editable Sight Word Games for first grade can make your teacher life easier when trying to differentiate to meet your students’ needs.  Whether it is letters, sight words, cvc words, phonemes, math facts, etc., editable games can do the trick in a snap! 

  1. Make Learning Fun: Editable Sight Word Games are like magical word puzzles that teachers can create just for a particular group of students! They help them learn sight words in a super fun way!  You can use the color versions to laminate for repeated classroom use OR Use the blackline versions to create motivating homework or summer work for your students.

  2. Games for Everyone: You can make games of different levels, so everyone in the class can play and learn at their own pace. It’s like having customized games for everyone in your classroom!

3. Let the Fun Begin: Playing sight word games is exciting and makes learning feel like a big adventure. Your students will be so motivated to learn when it feels like they’re playing a game!

4.  Remembering Made Easy: Games help students remember sight words better because they get to practice them over and over again in a really fun way. The more they play, the more they’ll remember!

5.  Change it Up: You can make new games or update the existing ones whenever students are ready to learn more. That means you’ll always have something fresh and exciting for your students.

So get ready for a world of editable sight word games! They’ll make learning fun, help your students become sight word pros, and bring smiles to their faces while they’re at it!

I have sets of matching games that allow you to match upper and lowercase letters, sight words, numbers to number words, synonyms, antonyms…. the possibilities are endless!  

I also have editable magnetic fishing, “I Have… Who Has…?”, editable card games, game boards, editable rainbow tracing, handwriting, cut and glue, spin and write, roll and write, toss and write…. all editable.  
They can be used over and over again year after year.  Just name each file with something you’ll recognize, and then start again, but this time use a different file name.  It’s that easy!  Here is a video walk-through of some of my editable activities:
Here are some examples from my School Themed set of Editable Games.  They include editable Game Boards, Rainbow Tracing, Color By___, Bingo, Cut and Glue Matching, Spin and Color, Roll and Color, Handwriting, “I have___. Who has ___?”, 5 Card Games, Magnetic Fishing, and Optional Awards.
I have made nearly all of my sight word games editable!  Choose from any season, holiday, sport or theme by visiting my custom category of editable games.


The items below will make the activities even better!  However, I did provide paper spinners that can be laminated, OR you can use a paper clip and pencil as described in the directions.  The pockets can be used rather than laminating the games.  Also, the markers are easily erased with a wet paper towel or wet wipe, and they are kid-friendly and odorless!  These are affiliate links.


Click here to read a BLOG POST about Sight Word Assessment in First Grade With FREEBIES.

I would welcome suggestions for other types of editable games you would like me to create!  Please let me know if you have any special requests by sending me an email at lindapost.edu@gmail.com.  You can test it for me and receive it free of charge as a thank you!  I hope you are enjoying getting ready for the new school year!  
Take care.  Linda Post

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