A Football Freebie & Signs of Fall in Kindergarten and First Grade

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A Football Freebie & Signs of Fall in Kindergarten and First Grade


It’s hard to believe FALL is on its way!  I always like to be sure that my young learners are noticing the changes that occur each season. I used to do this with my own daughters (who are now both teachers), and to this day, when seasons change,
they tell me they remember things we talked about.   They, in turn, engage their students in these same observations.  

As we walk inside after recess, I always ask my students to stop a minute beside a fenced-in pond at our school.  We take a few minutes to look for changes in trees, animals, plants, the water, etc.  At this time of year, students notice the color changes of the leaves, the grass turning brown, geese flying south, wooly bear caterpillars, acorns on the ground, squirrels gathering nuts, etc. Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch a frog sitting on a log!  

These observations can be recorded in a science journal about the seasons.   I have a set of emergent readers for Fall. There are 4 versions of each reader.  There is also a version on which students can record their own observations about Fall and illustrate.  These observations can also be starting points for science lessons as well.

One of our annual Field Trips is to go Apple Picking!  The children love the hayride, hot cider, and donuts almost as much as they love picking apples.  Back in the classroom, I use this set of Apple Readers, 3 reading levels plus illustrated vocabulary cards for a word wall or pocket chart.

Apple Mini Books


Another sign of fall is the start of Football Season! This FREEBIE will help your students master the first 20 Dolch sight words

 Signs of FALL Mini Books with 3 Reading Levels


Signs of Fall Mini Books 3 Reading Levels & Illustrated Fall Word Wall Cards


Apples are yet another sign of Fall!

Apples Mini Books with

3 Reading Levels


Apples Mini Books - 3 Reading Levels + Illustrated Word Wall          Apples POWERPOINT -3 Reading Levels + Illustrated Vocab. Slides- Back to School

Pumpkins are definitely a sign of fall!

Will you be carving a pumpkin with your class?  

Add some investigation activities to integrate math and science!

Pumpkin Investigation Mini Books: Pumpkin  Activities + Illustrated Word Wall

Teach your students about the 

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin!

Pumpkins Life Cycle Mini Books - 3 Levels + Illustrated Word Wall      Pumpkins Life Cycle PowerPoint -3 Levels + Illustrated Vocabulary Slides

For some students the best sign of Fall is Halloween!

Halloween Mini Books with 3 Reading Levels


Halloween Mini Books -3 Levels + Word Wall - Pumpkin Carving Trick or Treat

FALL Early Readers – 3 Different Books

Fall Min Books 3 Different Books 4 Versions of Each

40 Poems / Songs for Shared Reading or Fluency

Fall Activities Poems, Songs and Finger Plays for Autumn Shared Reading

Onset Rime Word Building Wheels

Fall Activities - DIBELS - Onset Rime Build A Word - Word Blending

Editable Sight Word GAMES that 

Auto Fill ALL Games by Typing Once

Editable Sight Word Games Auto Fill by Typing Once! 12 Fall Themed Activities    Editable Sight Word Game Boards Just Type Items Once!  Fall Theme Set 2    Editable Sight Word Game Boards FALL Auto-Fill Type Once Set 1

Fire Safety Month…

Fire Safety Mini Books  - 2 Levels + Illustrated Word Wall  Fire Safety Poems, Songs, and Chants

Fire Safety for Google Slides Distance Learning with Animated Vocabulary     Fire Safety PowerPoint for Distance Learning

Are you looking for digital games?

Try these self-checking Boom Cards!  

They can even be used on Google Classroom!

FALL Boom Cards Subtraction Facts to 10 Hidden Pictures Type Answers        Fall Boom Cards Math Addition Facts to 10 Hidden Pictures Type Answers

Happy Fall!

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