Diital Morning Meeting Circle Time

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You can use this set of interactive Google Slides activities in a virtual meeting, OR students can each have their own copies to use independently!

Here is the PDF that contains the link to this file:


Here is the version that TpT uploads directly to your Google Drive:


Here is a video of how it works:

 If you have suggestions for another slide, please email with your idea at
Use as an interactive presentation, or have each student make his or her own copy.
This is easily done by sending a “forced link” in a student email.
Here is how to send a forced copy link.  You can send it in an email or put it anywhere else that you are putting links.
1)  SHARE the file as “anyone with the link CAN EDIT”
2)  Next, you need to ALTER that link.  Remove everything at the end of the link that comes after the forward slash ( / ).  Replace what you removed with the word copy. 
3)  Before sending, be sure to TEST the link.  You should see a screen that looks like this:
Now each student will have his or her own copy, and they an interact with it at home.
This file contains:
✅ Editable cover Page.  Insert your own picture or another image in 
place of the smiley face.
✅ 3 Welcome Songs from YouTube, but these are removable.  You can 
insert links to your own songs or delete that page if you’d like.
✅ Calendar to drag the day’s date.  Months can be changed as well.
✅ Days of the week song and drag days to arrange in order.
✅ Months of the year song and drag months to arrange in order.
✅ Build the day’s date with tally marks that are cloned in piles and can 
be dragged up.
✅ Build the day’s date with coins that are cloned in stacks and can be dragged up.
✅ Practice counting by fives and tens with follow-up game.  Yellow shapes can be dragged to hide numbers, and students guess what is hidden.
✅ Editable “Question of the Week” that can be changed each week.
Again, if you have ideas for other slides, please email me at
Also, if you have ideas for other Google Slides activities or Interactive PowerPoints or Boom Card decks, I would love to hear your suggestion.  As a thank you, you will receive the file FREE of charge…

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