As the school year draws to an end, it’s a mix of feelings for most students.  Although they will miss school, most students are looking forward to Summer.   For them, Summer means lots more time with their families.  It means going on family vacations and having fun!   They know that they will continue to see their friends during the summer because someone will arrange those play dates for them.   However, for some of our students, school is the safest place they know.  Those students are uncertain what summer will bring… Who will be taking care of them?  Where will they go?  Will they see their school friends?   Some students’ behaviors will regress at the end of the school year as they deal with these feelings of uncertainty.  We need to be extra careful to pay attention to these students and to make the end of the school year an enjoyable experience.

Here are ideas for end of year fun!

Here are a few products to make the End of the Year fun for your students:

End of the Year Ideas on Pinterest!
Field Day Readers – 3 Reading Levels + Vocabulary Cards for Word Wall or Pocket Chart

End of the Year Award Certificates!  
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Here is an End of the Year set of poems and songs:

Here is a set of End of the Year Emergent Readers in 2 reading levels:

Here is a template for an End of the Year Non-Rhyming Poem that is sure to please!

This is a very simple End of the Year Memory Book:

This is a Thank You Poem for your Volunteers:

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