Earth Day, Baseball and More…


Besides the Earth Day Crafts above, you might enjoy these Earth Day Learning Centers…

Earth Day Activities: 7 Posters, Pledge, Graphing, Certificate & Parent Letter

Earth Day Activities:

★ 7 Posters, Earth Day Pledge, Earth Day Graphing Activity (for in school or at
home), Earth Day Certificate and Parent Letter

★ 22 Pages – NEWLY REVISED to include Full Color Earth Day Versions as well
as Black and White Earth Day versions for students to color.

★ Earth Day Certificate

★ 7 Earth Day Posters

★ Earth Day Graph

★ Earth Day Pledge

★ Parent Letter

★ Use by itself or with my PowerPoint Presentation and/or mini-book at 2
different reading levels.

Earth Day Distance Learning for Google Slides Things To Help Earth PDF w/LINK

I also added 10 Songs at a variety of levels so you can have an Earth Day Sing Along! 

★ 25 slides – Use by itself or in conjunction with my Earth Day PDF file OR mini-book (2 Reading levels) that can be found in my other product listings. The PDF file (sold separately) has a parent letter, take home graph, Earth Day Pledge, Earth Day Certificate, and 7 posters about how students can help the Earth. There are black and white versions as well as full color versions of the Earth Day Posters, Earth Day Certificate and Earth Day Graph.

Earth Day Sight Word Games EDITABLE Use Any List of Words Year After Year

Differentiate any skill!  Use any list of words, math facts, letters, etc.  The games auto-populate in a snap!  

Use over and over again year after year.

Earth Day EDITABLE Game Boards Sight Words Math Facts and More Set 1

Use any list of words!  Games auto-populate in a flash!

Earth Day EDITABLE Game Boards Sight Words Math Facts and More Set 2

Use any list of words!  Games auto-populate in a flash!


Browse my other Earth Day Resources for Literacy and Math by visiting my store and opening the Custom Folder labeled “EARTH DAY/CINCO DE MAYO”, or just click below:

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Earth Day Readers:

Earth Day Activities:  Readers + Illustrated Word Wall - 2 Reading Levels

Earth Day Build A Word Wheels For DIBELS Blending Practice:  Real or Nonsense?

Earth Day Activities: Blending Build A Word Wheels

 Signs of Spring Readers + Illustrated Word Wall!
12 versions in all – Easy Assembly

Spring Activities Mini Books 3 Levels + Illustrated Word Wall - Differentiate!

1) full color Spring illustrations
2) black and white
3) Students illustrate their own to show comprehension
4) students write their own versions.

Pocket chart Spring vocabulary cards included (with illustrations when appropriate).

Click the next link for more Spring Math and Literacy Centers:
Baseball season is here!  I have lots of baseball learning centers for math and literacy!

Baseball Sight Word Literacy Center EDITABLE for Any List Words, Math, Letters

To view more Spring Learning Centers, please click the link below:

If there are any requests you have, I would be happy to create a new products… perhaps a set of mini books with 3 reading levels on a particular topic you are studying? Just e-mail me with what you would like at any of you have any photos of my products being used, I would love to put them on my Blog, and I will mention where the photo was taken and who gave it to me, but only if you’d like me to.  If I use one of your photos on my blog, I will send you an e-mail to let you know and, as a thank you, I will send you $10 WORTH OF RESOURCES  of your choosing from my shop via e-mail or Google Drive.  Please do not include any students’ faces in your photos, as it would not be legal for me to post photos of students not in my class without permission.  To send me a photo, please attach it to an e-mail to:
I have lots of math and literacy centers for Spring, Earth Day, Easter, Baseball Season, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day,  Memorial Day, Father’s Day, End of the Year, Graduation and more.  I have started creating non-holiday multi-level reader sets such as “Pets”, “Sharks”, “Butterfly Life Cycle”, and “A Tide Pool”.   More will be coming!

Thanks again… especially if you made it to the end of this Post!

Take care.  Linda Post:  The Teacher’s Post

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